How To Write a Business Letter- Complete Guideline

A business letter is an important document in the corporate sector, used for formal communication between two business organizations or its stakeholders, such as clients, other institutions, etc. So through this article, we shall try to provide you with tips and tricks on how to write a business letter in a professional manner. While it is recommended to keep the tone of a business letter formal, it ultimately depends upon the relationship between the parties concerned. Nowadays, every company requires to conduct correspondence with other companies.

It is important for the smooth conduct of transactions between businesses and to maintain a proper channel of communication between them. Since this is a professional letter, it must be written in a formal structure following the proper guidelines for writing the same.

Although most of the companies now prefer emails as the formal mode of correspondence between them, writing business letters still holds relevance. If we are working in an office or a corporate environment, we might have to write business letters regularly for various official purposes. So if you don’t know how to write a professional business letter, through this article, we will provide you with guidelines and templates on how to write a business letter. So you can download the templates from our site in PDF and Word formats and customize them to create your own business letters.

Business Letter Subject Line 

A business letter subject line is the opening line of the business letter which tells the receiver what the business letter is about. Like in all professional letters, a business letter must contain a sharp subject line which describes the intent of the sender to write the business letter as briefly as possible. The subject line of a business letter must come in between the salutation and the bdoy of the letter. You may write the word “Subject’ to indicate the line which contains the subject, but it is not necessary to do so.

While writing a subject line is not compulsory, it is considered as a good professional etiquette to always include a subject line in your letter so that the reader can immediately get an idea about the contents of the letter. It is also very important to create the first impression upon the reader and make up their mind to take a certain decision or action.

How To Write a Business Letter

Writing a business letter is an art since it requires proper language along with standard format. So to include all the details in the Business Letter without missing any information, you should write a well-worded business letter. But if you don’t know how to write a business letter and you have to write a business letter regularly, you can go to the internet to look for the correct format to write a business letter. So to help you write an effective business letter we have provided you with some points which you can keep in mind while writing a business letter :

  1. Keep the tone professional – while some of the companies might have a casual relationship with each other and use a conversational language while writing emails, it is best that you should keep the tone of the business letter formal and to-the-point. Try to include all the details in the letter without getting informal or impolite at times.
  2. Keep the points clear – while writing a business letter, make sure that you explain each of the required points clearly without going too overboard with it. Let go of the unwanted information and keep your message and to the point.
  3. Structure your information logically – don’t write your letter haphazardly by starting to write about a topic and jumping on to another topic immediately. Make sure that there is a logical flow of information and your group all the information about a topic at one place.
  4. End your letter with a clear ‘Call To Action” – while ending your letter, make sure that you make it clear to your reader what action you require him to take, by giving a clear call to action and making it clear what action he needs to take next.

Business Letter Reference Line 

Business Letter Opening

Since a business letter represents your company and is used for professional purposes, each detail must be taken care of. So, to begin with, you must use a proper salutation greeting your recipient. Here we are providing you with some tips on how you can begin your business letter.

  • Make sure that you use the correct salutation. Avoid using informal salutations in the letter like, “Hello”, “Hi There”, etc. if you don’t know the name of the contact person. You can use “Dear” along with the full name or the last name of the person. For example, “Dear Mrs Smith”, or “Dear Anne Smith”.
  • Your first paragraph is important as it sets the tone for the rest of the letter. Make sure you provide all the important details in the first paragraph, such as information about yourself, your company (if required), the purpose of writing the letter, etc.

Business Letter Format Spacing 

Since the business letter is a formal document, care must be taken to use the standard and acceptable format while writing it. The format of a business letter includes the type of paper to be used, spacing, size and type of font, etc. Hence while writing a professional business letter, it is advisable that you use a paper of 8.5″ by 11″ and an unlined paper. And use a Times New Roman font in 12 size. And while drawing the margins, leave a 2.5 or 1 inch margin on all the four sides.

Ending a Business Letter 

Like the beginning of a business letter, the ending of the business letter should also be convincing and persuade the reader to take some action. It is very important in case you want to close a deal or signing a contract since it gives you an opportunity to be persuasive and bank on your goodwill in the market to create a great impression upon the other party.

How To End a Business Letter

Most of the good business letters have a positive ending and use warm and courteous language to strengthen the ties with the recipient and clearly describing the next action you would require them to take.

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